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AdsProfitRewards - New Update 10-3-2013

Great Day Team,

Thanks to every single one of you, the word is definitely out about AdsProfitReward!
We are aggressively moving through the market looking to have a positive, abundant impact on the lives of both our members as well as our customers.

As this is the case, we wanted to bring a few things to your attention with the idea of doing good business. We are all coming together from diverse backgrounds, countries, businesses and life in general. Let us position ourselves to obtain and or to maintain a positive attitude along with actions that show and not just tell that we are people of integrity.  Especially when doing business. A few of the ways we can do this is by adhering to a higher code of business ethics.  For instance:
Let’s make sure that when promoting AdsProfitReward in print, online or even verbally?to someone, we do not associate us with any other company, past or present.  If you have been in our industry any length of time, then you know our profession is not always readily accepted. By comparing AdsProfitReward to other past or present companies, it does not allow us to highlight our own mission and vision. So let’s create and build a professional reputation that enhances the integrity of each and every one of us. Together, let's protect what we have.

It’s important to make you aware that we have a no stacking policy. AdsProfitReward’s business model allows you to get paid several ways including if you choose to build a team, you can receive commissions on your directly sponsored or 1st level as well as your indirect or 2nd level. Let’s now determine what stacking is by the following example.

You excitedly join the company as a Diamond and sponsor John who is a Diamond as well. John is a numbers guy. So after you properly train or direct him to company trainings.  John proceeds to purchase $1000 bids or ad credits. You the sponsor receive the 20% from his Diamond subscription of $20.  You are also entitled to receive 10% of his retail purchase bid (ad credit). In this case, $100. John can see the opportunity and thus sponsors his wife Mary as a Diamond with a bid (ad credit) purchase of $1000. This means that as a Diamond, John receives the $100 and you the original sponsor receive $50.  Taking things a step further, let’s say Mary sponsors their 2 young adult children that still live at home, Michael and Suelly. Mary will continually receive the monthly Diamond subscription from them. In addition to that, let’s say that the young men some how purchased $10,000 or 10,000 worth of bids or ad credit. There mother Mary will receive the 10% sponsor commission of $1000 and John will receive $500. As they complete their daily 4 step task, both parents continue to earn 10% and 5% from the daily profit share. You, the original sponsor who brought the AdsProfitReward opportunity to the household receive almost nothing. (Ouch! That can’t feel very good.) ?

 AdsProfitReward Management team feel strongly about no stacking. We are all? here to take care of our families and to financially prosper. So let’s be fair and? good to one another.

Lastly, let’s make sure that as a company that firmly discourages cross recruiting. Cross recruiting is when someone joins your team and then decides for one reason or another to join another organization. Whether you allow it or do it, simply put, it’s not right nor is it fair.

Ladies and gentlemen, good hearted business people ... we are all network marketers. Most, if not all of us genuinely want to help other people. At the very least, we don’t want to hurt others. Especially since this is the way we earn our living and take care of our families.  Let’s move with the utmost respect and integrity to and for one another. Let’s really be a team.

To Your Absolute Massive Profitable Action and Success,?

AdsProfitRewards Management Team

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